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About Us

The National Open Commerce and Safer Highways Coalition (NOCSHC), a group of towing and recovery professionals united to foster safety and efficiency on America's roadways. NOCSHC stands as a powerful advocate for our brave towing, recovery, hazardous material remediation, and incident response operators who put their lives on the line to ensure our nation's roads remain safe and functional. NOCSHC also works to include the promotion of cooperation between towing professionals and these essential public service entities, further contributing to the overall safety and security of our roadways. As the national voice and frontline defenders of towing and recovery professionals, NOCSHC is committed to advancing their rights and interests. This coalition is nimble and forward-thinking, united in its goal of promoting safety and efficiency on America's thoroughfares.


We are dedicated to fostering a collaborative culture among all transportation stakeholders, seeking insights and forming alliances that transcend traditional boundaries. We aim to tackle the complex problems that have persistently plagued the towing, recovery, and transportation industry by mobilizing the brightest minds and most seasoned experts to innovate, lead, and advocate. We are here to drive solutions that protect our industry, promote the best and safest practices, clarify billing and claims practices, expedite dispute resolution, and ensure prompt and fair compensation.

Through this collective approach, we will expedite both the recovery and release of vehicles and cargo, thereby minimizing disruption to commerce and promoting safety. NOCSCH is a transformative movement in the towing and recovery industry, a coalition that both recognizes and values the relentless commitment of those professionals who keep our roads safe and fuel our economy. Through unity, the towing and recovery industry can confront and overcome the most persistent challenges we face - challenges that are too complex for any single association to tackle alone

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